So who are the Koch Brothers anyways? 
Here are the facts: 
They have an enormous political influence: Associated Press said they are “shaping politics” this year, and three GOP candidates credited them for their success.
They are Big Oil barons, who made their fortune on oil refining and continue to get the bulk of their wealth from the fossil fuel industry.
They spend far more than any “liberal equivalents,” and they spend in line with their financial interests.
They use shady operations and "dark money" to fund their interests.
They pretend to advocate economic liberty, but they attack renewables exclusively while defending fossil fuels.
They claim to have a good environmental track record but their company is responsible for hundreds of oil spills, paid hundreds of millions in fines, and even caused deaths.
They push an extreme agenda. 
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Photo from Greenpeace

The only chart you need to understand just how crazily rich and powerful the Koch brothers are.
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